Team SSA,

Following on from my announcement to step down as Director in April, I’m excited to announce that Jack Moore has now officially taken over as the new Director of SSA. Jack is well known within the company, perhaps even more so than me! He will be an outstanding leader and has my full confidence when it comes to taking SSA to the next level.

This journey started 10 years ago with a Saturday morning coaching session at Goals and a desire to do something different in the Football sphere. The question then was ‘how do we create opportunities for young people in Portsmouth to build a career doing something they love in Football?’

Fast forward to today and we have had over 8,000 players, coaches and students participate in SSA programmes, including global initiatives in the U.S, China and Spain.

How did that happen? Innovation and values. These two things are the roots of SSA’s success. We always strive to try and change the norm. It’s certainly been challenging, we haven’t always got it right but we have always been brave enough to invest our future in young people. We have tried to achieve this by instilling our values of Courage, Creativity, Inclusivity, Respect and Resilience within everything we do, something I am extremely proud of.

I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the next generation of talented coaches and sports professionals, alongside our parents and customers, who have defined this company’s culture and many of whom I consider to be great friends. 

As role models, you are pivotal in shaping your player’s journey in Football. Always remember, ‘they may forget what you said, they may forget what you did but they will never forget how you made them feel’. Take pride in the experiences you create and always look to provide an inspirational environment full of guided discovery.

Soccer Scholar Academy could not be better positioned for the future. The company is firing on all cylinders with Jack and the team having some game-changing ideas in the pipeline!

As both my children are fully immersed in various SSA programmes I will continue to be engaged with all things SSA for a long time to come, just without the worry of making sure sessions have been planned or that the pitches have been set up!!!

I feel privileged to have been part of so many people’s journey and I hope you all keep ‘doing something you love’.

Farewell for now,

Tom Lloyd

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