Calling all parents / players,

We highly recommend you all listening to the attached interview if you get the chance. A truly outstanding insight into Jack Wilshere’s career from a child to Premier league Pro.

Also, check out Eperform Football’s website for all their latest interviews / blogs:

Here’s an excellent quote taken from the podcast, highlighting the importance of players being exposed to multiple position as a young player – something we are massive on here at SSA!! 

“I think especially when you’re really young, growing up as a kid, you should try and embrace every single position. The reason i say this, is when you go on to play mens football into a first team, if the manager asks you to play somewhere, you have to do it. That might be your opportunity and you have to take it! For example, if you are left footed and want to play in midfield, you shouldn’t be ruling out a left wing or left back role because that might be your opportunity to get into the team and keep your place”

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